HMV is back – why the dog is no longer dead in DTC

There are stores that you past every week but never enter. HMV was never like that. It always was a destination store. And that made the shock of its demise particularly hard to take.

When HMV Dundrum closed its doors, there was no obvious alternative. Where now could you buy an Alt-J album or pick up a copy of FIFA for the Xbox en route to the cinema or a bite to eat?

The good news is that the dog is not dead. Nipper, for that is his name, has got a new owner and he’s found his way back to Ireland. Okay, Grafton Street has gone but Henry Street is back in business and HMV Dundrum is open again.

This time it seems the focus has shifted back to music with an impressive range of vinyl and a whole series of instore gigs lined up. Gamers are not forgotten and it was great of HMV to feed the fans who queued at midnight to get their hands on GTA V. The new company will also honour gift vouchers issued by the old HMV. There’s life in the old dog, yet, it seems.


HMV, Level 2, DTC


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