Discover the Asia Market’s Tardis-like secrets this Chinese New Year

It’s a top destination for many food lovers in Dublin.Yet some don’t know it’s there.

Walk down from George’s Market towards Fade Street and you’ll see the Asia Market shopfront, similar in size to the other units on Drury Street.

Step inside, turn right into the corridor – and suddenly it opens up into a huge bustling store.

The Tardis-style Asia Market sells more than 3,000 foodstuffs, sourced from mainland China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

This is the place to go for your noodles, your rice, your soy sauce, your prawns, your galangal, your ginger… you name it.The range is extensive but it’s not expensive.The Asia Market are wholesales and importers so you usually find the prices are very keen, especially if you buy in bulk.

And what better time to discover the Asia Market than this week – as it plays a supporting role in the seventh Dublin Chinese New Year Festival, celebrating the Year of the Wood Horse.

Celebrating the Chinese New Year

Celebrating the Chinese New Year

On Sunday the Asia Market was part of the Chinese New Year carnival in Temple Bar as it presented an Asian cooking demonstration with Chef Liu Guangcheng from Chinatown in London.

Last Friday back in the Asia Market, the store’s friendly and knowledgeable Eva Pau held another of her rave-reviewed ‘Secrets of the Asian Kitchen’ tours.The hour-long trips round the Asia Market’s aisles are just made for anyone interested in Asian food and cooking – and demonstrate in some style the vast range of foodstuffs they offer.

Asia Market
18 Drury Street


St  Stephen’s Green



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